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I have been getting numerous emails and phone calls from doctors across the country that are interested in getting into the Spinal decompression market.
The number one question I get is what table do I have and how do I like it.
I always tell them the same thing that this technique is not a miracle cure for everyone with back pain, That if you are selective in picking patients that fit the clinical guidelines you can get amazing results with their symptoms when all other methods have failed.
Recently I had a patient that has (F.B.S.S )or Failed back Surgery syndrome she did not want a second surgery after the third visit on my DRX 9000 spinal decompression table she felt better and has been able to sleep through through the night.
Anyway back to the table, I like the DRX 9000 because it is a heavy duty table and has great technology built into it unlike any other table on the market.
I have several other spinal decompression tables in my Manhattan practice, I prefer the DRX 9000 over all others due to patient comfort and ease of use for me and obviously the results I have been. getting.

I also believe it is crucial to analysis the patients gait patterns and correct any imbalance in their gait pattern, I use the gait scan made by a company called they make excellent orthotics.
I also use a lumbar orthotisis made by a company called cybertech that I give patient to stabilize their back after treatment.
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