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It's Sunday Memorial day weekend, I am waiting in line for coffee and I over hear a women that is walking with a cane describe her ailments.

She said she had a micro-disectomy for her herniated disc in her lower back two weeks ago.

She was walking with a cane and still looked she was suffering, I continued to listen and she told her friend that the doctor told her it was either a surgery or a life full of drugs.

I was thinking did she know there was a non-surgical option? Did her medical doctor know that Non surgical spinal decompression has a much higher rate of success than surgery.

Most medical doctors do not know enough about this procedure. http://www.drshoshany.com/

If you have a herniated disc and are considering getting a surgery please look into a Non-surgical approach first. When Spinal decompression is combined with a Core strengthening program the results are outstanding and you do not need to take weeks of from work or your body doesn't need to heal from surgery and anesthesia.

I have always said try the least invasive procedure first and then if that doesn't work then move up the ladder.

Some people still listen to their doctor as if he or she knew everything without doing any research on their own. When I herniated my disc I knew surgery was not an option for me.

I run a busy Chiropractic office in Manhattan and have two children under 5.

I knew that most surgeries have a poor outcome after two or three years.

Some patients want the quick fix or instant results, this is not the way the body works.

When someone starts a spinal decompression protocol I let them know that everyone responds differently.

I have had patient that where suffering and living on vicodin that after the third visit on the DRX 9000 report amazing symptomatic relief, I have others take the full twenty visits.

If a patient has multiple disc herniation versus a single disc herniation results may take longer.

I have developed a 18 page informative report on:

What is Spinal Decompression?

How does spinal decompression work?

What kind of results can I expect from spinal decompression?

Case studies for spinal decompression and more.

If you live or work in the Metro Manhattan area please visit my website at http://www.drshoshany.com/

and email me and i will send you a hard copy full color report that is research and documented.
If you live in Manhattan and have a herniated disc please consult with me to see if non-surgical spinal decompression can help you.


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