Spinal Decompression In New York City, DRX 9000

212 645-8151 Non Surgical herniated disc treatment

Spinal decompression on the DRX 9000 compared to other tables.

I get emails from people considering treatment from all over the world.

I always get questions about full range of motion tables like the Extendtrac or Antalgic-Trac.

This table are interesting looking, think of a ride at Disneyland.

All of the studies done on Spinal decompression where done on linear or straight pull, I have not seen or read anything saying that adding movement into a pull would improve the outcome.

The reason I use and prefer the DRX 9000 over other tables is the fact that more studies have been on it and there are more DRX tables out on the market than any other table.

I have been on all of the other tables and I have to say the DRX 9000 has the most reliable system and the most comfortable pull.
Do you have a herniated disc? If so consider Non Surgical Spinal decompression.
For a limited time I am offering a complementary consult, bring in your MRI report or films and get a second opinion and see if Spinal decompression can help you. If you would like to fax the report please fax to (603) 584-5825 the will be reviewed and you will have a call back the same day.
DRx 9000
Spinal decompression Specialist


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