New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000
I just got my delivery of my second Spinal Decompression unit.
For mty second table I got the DRX 9000 unit made by axiom worldwide. I may be the fourth DRX 9000 unit in Manhatttan. This thing is huge and I am blwon away by the size. Throughoutthe blog I was fairly critical of the unit but after having one installed abd seeing the insides You can't compare this unit to any other lumbar spinal decompression unit.
It's kinda of like a Rolex watch, sure a timex tells the time but a Rolex is a Rolex, it is time tested and has tremoundous brand awareness.
For the remainder of October I am offering Spinal Decompression on the exclusive DRX 9000 for $ 3,000 for the protocol the normal price is $3,500. Please mention Blogger when making appointment. Please call 212 645 8151 to schedule a consult or if you just want to see the DRX 9000 and compare it to others models out.


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