DRX 9000 Manhattan,New York Chiropractor

DRX 9000
I just ordered my second spinal decompression unit. I ordered the DRX 9000 unit. I believe I am one of only a few doctors in Manhattan that have this machine. the DRX 9000 is the top of the line spinal decompression machine, More doctors own a DRX 9000 than any other machine.
There are other units out on the market but the DRX 9000 is top of the line.
Will other units do the same thing? Can you compare the Lordex system to the DRX 9000?
I get these questions everyday from both Chiropractors and patients.
I like to use the analogy of a car, If you buy a geo prism it can get you from point A to B but if you have a Mercedes or a BMW it is a better ride and defintleyt more comfortable.
I have used most systems in my office and offices that I consult with and I can say that the DRX 9000 is by far the most comfortable and the most technologicallly advanced system out on the market today.


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