New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
I was watching late night Television last night and the was a program on called Back Pain breakthrough.This was a infomercial for Vax-D treatment, This Treatment is effective to treat hernaited discs and buldging disc and stenosis, but what I do not like about Vax-D treatment is the technology is dated and the technique requires the patient to lie on their stomach and it also can cause shoulder injury.
I prefer the patient to be on their back and I use a newer table that allows me to treat the patient in a three dimensional enviorment. I also hear allot about DRX 9000 and how they claim superioty but I still mantain that most new Spinal Decompression tables essentialy do the same thing that is decompress the spine and allow the Disc tissue to mend itself and repair the disc herniation. Visit for more information on how this technique can help you.


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