New York Chiropractor, Spinal decompression
I would like to talk a little about all the controversy about a technique called Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and all the A.K.A's like but not limited to {DRX 9000, IDD therapy, Vax-D Treatment, LCD Therapy}.All these treatment bascally do the same thing and that is unload or decompress the spine to influence change within the intervertbral disc to rehydrate and make permanent corrective changes to the quality of the Disc tissue.
I believe that I am one of only a few doctors that practice in New York that offer this fantastic treatment that is honest about the treatment.
This was recently brought to my attention because several patients see ads for this FDA approved treatment (which it is) that was discovered or invented by N.A.S.A ( which it is not) and want to know if it some kind of marketing scam or a god's honest miracle.

Spinal Decompression is a succesful treatment for Herniated Discs, Sciaitaca, Stenosis and other commonly hard to treat back or neck related conditions.
This treatment has a high success rate 86%, without risks of surgery and offers a correction of tissue quality and integrity.This treatment must be followed exactly and must include Co-care with Supplemention with( Omega 3-6, Calcium Magnessium,Boswellia, and others, and A Complete post treatment Muscular rehabaliative protocol.
This treatment works but it does require patient participation, If a patient is obese and a smoker and does not drink water and has had a prior surgery these patients will not see optimal results. I will add more with my future blogs. Visit mty website at


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