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What is an adjustment?
A chiropractor needs to determine if your body has a vertebral subluxation (a vertebrae is out of position and is putting pressure on a nerve, which may or may not be causing symptoms). The chiropractor will determine the exact direction of the subluxation, what is the best way to correct this with as little force as possible and in ways that are safe for the patient. Determining safety to the patient includes taking a history of any health factors which may contradict certain types of adjustments - for example, using very lower force techniques for people who have had severe sprains, osteoporosis or disc hemration. Then the chiropractor utilizes the adjustment to assist the vertebra back into a normal alignment, which restores proper motion to a joint and relieves nerve pressure. The adjustment itself is a movement of the spine that is done usually by hand in a very quick movement.The exact adjustment is dome differently by different chiropractors. There are probably around 40 different ways to analyze and adjust the spine, so the actual adjustment will vary from one chiropractor to another.
Can someone with disc hemration receive adjustments?Yes! Definitely! They actually receive great benefits from adjustments. But as stated above, they need to receive certain types of adjustments. The chiropractor determines which types of adjustments would be beneficial and safe for the patient first, keeping in mind that no two bodies are the same and react differently. There are some severe disc hemrations that can cause certain neurological problems that would need to be immediately referred out to a neurologist. Many others can receive low force adjustments such as manual traction to help open the spaces between the vertebra, which then inturn relives the pressure off the discs and nerves. When the pressure is off the discs and nerves the body functions stronger and they usually have decreased symptoms as well.
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