Knee pain treatment NYC

Knee Pain Treatment in NYC

New Yorkers are susceptible to painful knee injuries because of the high level of activity that’s part of everyday life in NYC.  Because of New Yorkers’ active lifestyle, healthy knees are a top priority whether the patient is an athlete or average city dweller.  Dr. Steven Shoshany and his staff offer the latest in non-surgical treatments for knee pain at his state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation facility in downtown Manhattan.

One of the most successful and effective therapies for knee pain is cold laser therapy.  This revolutionary treatment is simple, safe, and extremely useful for reduction of pain, inflammation, discomfort, and faster healing of knee injuries.  Cold laser works by penetrating the affected soft tissue in the knee down to the cellular level, where ATP production in the mitochondria is multiplied exponentially thanks to the painless laser beam.  An increase in ATP translates into faster tissue regeneration to heal damage faster than the body would on its own.  This boost in healing time is crucial for busy New Yorkers who don’t have time for treatments that require downtime.  Cold laser therapy can be prescribed on its own or as part of a comprehensive treatment program, depending on the patient’s condition.  There are no known negative side effects and the treatment is comfortable and painless.

Physical therapy is another important treatment option for knee pain, regardless of its cause, because it enables the patient to regain strength and normal knee function through a personalized exercise plan.  Dr. Shoshany’s physical therapy team is highly trained and certified in different disciplines to offer patients the best options for their individual conditions and needs.  Some conditions that cause knee pain and can be relieved through physical therapy include runners’ knee, arthritis, sports injuries, accidents, fractures, obesity, and more.

For more information on Dr. Shoshany’s non-surgical, non-invasive treatment options for knee pain in NYC, please visit, where patients can schedule a consultation as well as review the entire range of available physical rehabilitation services.


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