NYC's Best Treatment for Knee Pain and Arthritis of the Knee

Knee injuries are so common that some people who have some form of knee pain don't even seek out treatment and simply take some over the counter medication. Neglecting knee pain or simply covering up the symptoms with pain killers can cause an acute problem to become chronic. In most cases if knee pain is treated early, long term issues can be avoided.

Pain and discomfort can be caused by something as simple as a problem with a person's gait, or prolonged kneeling. Most people lack proper flexibility in their lower body and this can lead to mechanical compensations which result in chronic pain. The knee's are especially prone to injury because they are a sliding hinge joint. This means that the knees not only work like a door but the surfaces of the upper and lower leg bones slide across each other. In addition to the cartilage covered femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone) the patella (knee cap) can also become worn down and can require invasive surgeries.

Types of Arthritis
Arthritis itself is often used as a catchall term for all the different types of arthritis that can affect a person, and arthritis of the knees is on of the most common types. There are a few different types of arthritis of the knee:
Arthritis pain usually presents over time and starts off slowly, but sometimes pain can appear quickly and be fairly intense. For a lot of people suffering form arthritis, changes in the weather have been
reported to cause pain and discomfort. The affected knee joint can become swollen and make it hard to bend or straighten the joint, causing mobility problems. Pain can increase with rest, but it can also increase with normal every day activity such as walking. The wearing down of the joint cartilage remains consistent in each form of arthritis. This essentially means a loss of mobility and an increase in chronic pain.

Joint Fluid Therapy
Joint fluid therapy works as the synovial fluid that is produced by the body to lubricate the joints, specifically the joint surfaces that have a layer of cartilage on top to provide a surface for the contacting joints to slide across each other. Many knee problems, and the aging progress can cause a loss of the body's ability to produce much of this viscous fluid. This fluid is vital for lubrication and protection of the joint's surfaces.

A lack of lubricating fluid can make any existing  inflammation and knee pain worse. This is caused by the friction of joints surfaces that may lack a smooth surface of cartilage due to injury, or missing cartilage due to arthritis. A common and effective method for lubricating an affected knee joint is through the use of a highly purified sodium hyaluronate solution, which is delivered directly to the joint via injection. A hyaluronate solution like Supartz is typically given once a week for up to five weeks and is shown to provide great, long term pain relief from osteoarthritis. The best and most effective method of administration is what is known as a guided injection. This means that the injection is done using a digital imaging method like fluoroscopy or ultrasound to make sure that the solution is delivered exactly where it is supposed to go. Most medical insurance covers this procedure.

Supartz is administered quickly and does not require any surgical procedures. It is also delivered locally and works quickly to eliminate pain and discomfort. For more information on knee pain treatment, and osteoarthritis you can call: 212 627 6149.


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