Sciatica due to a herniated disc-healing your aching back

Dr. Steven Shoshany on the Today show discussing back pain treatment options

Every morning the NYC local free papers like AM and Metro run ads for all kinds of medical services.
Specifically targeted are patients that have Sciatica (a set of symptoms that cause pain to shoot down the buttocks sometimes down the leg and into the feet).

Also targeted is Neck pain, Back Pain and Knee arthritis.
Some of these ads are run by pain management doctors that offer x-ray and ultrasound guided same day non-surgical procedures to relieve pain, others are by chiropractors offering treatments like non-surgical spinal decompression.
People in NYC are busy and work non stop and don't have time for pain so sometimes they resort to the quickest way to get out of pain and move on-BUT addressing the pain is just a portion of the puzzle.
What about the persons ergonomics, their posture spinal alignment and muscle tone?

If you suffer with Sciatica you want answers and not just a temporary patch.

What has been the most successful approach is when we combine disciplines.
the Medical doctor is here alongside the Chiropractor, Physical therapist, Massage therapist and Acupuncturist.
Working together toward one common goal.

I have practicing in NYC since 1999 and my vision from the very first day was to bring the disciplines together under one roof-(basically a one stop shop).

What this approach does is allow patient to multiple treatment methods and gives them choices.

Some patients have a fear of Chiropractors, but are ok with physical therapists.
Once patients enter our office and see the team dynamic and understand that Chiropractic is not only safe but super effective they open up to Chiropractic care.
If a patient has back pain or a herniated disc or suspects that they have a herniated disc, we have On-site X-rays, ultrasound to diagnosis problems.
We have also developed a excellent relationships with local MRI facilities so if a patient needs a MRI we can usually get them in same day.
Once we understand exactly what is going on we can then put together a effective treatment protocol.
The go to treatment for herniated discs is Spinal decompression.
Spinal decompression is non drug, non surgical and helps reduce nerve pressure and reduce disc herniations.
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