Chiropractic Care for a Wide Variety of Herniated Disc Patients in NYC

A good chiropractor will treat each patient as an individual. Usually a first chiropractic visit will include a chat about how the pain started, where its located, wher its a shooting pain, etc. There may also be an X-Ray involved to view the spine and pinpoint structural issues.  Chiropractors can usually diagnose problems fairly quickly, since a herniated disc is an injury located in the spine and chiropractors are unrivaled in their ability to treat back pain, most people are easily diagnosed and quickly treated.

However, there are some cases where a patient may not be complaining of back pain, or they may be scared, unsure, or even in too much pain to clearly explain what's happening to them. Others might be suffering from sciatica and not know that the problem is rooted in their spine. A herniated disc can interfere with nerves in the spine can cause pain to travel down an appendage or manifest away from the origin of the problem. Sciatica is simply a symptom of interference with the sciatic nerve. Severe nerve impingement can even cause major reductions in motor function of limbs. One severe symptom is known as "foot drop"; this is when the patient is unable to flex their foot up and the foot simply hangs down. This is usually accompanied with the inability to walk properly or without assistance. 

Fortunately even in their severe forms, things like "foot drop" are symptoms of an underlying issue, and will subside when the cause (usually a bulging or herniate disc) is properly treated for long term relief. 

The best chiropractors have not just treated the routine cases of back pain, but also successfully treated the severe cases, where a patient is unable to walk or even sit without excruciating pain. Fortunately there are locations in NYC where you can find a qualified, experienced chiropractor. Dr. Steven Shoshany has seen virtually every case under the sun when it comes to back pain, and pain caused by herniated discs. A top tier chiropractor also utilizes the most advanced chiropractic medicine available today to diagnose, and customize treatment to each individual case. 

Not every severe case of back pain will be treatable through non invasive, non surgical methods. In these cases your chiropractor can refer you to a good surgeon who has experience in dealing with your particular issue. Some patients might be in too much pain to undergo chiropractic treatment, in which case they can be referred to a pain management specialist. A pain management specialist can employ powerful injections that can relieve pain. Injections like those comprised of sodium hyaluronate can help relieve pain and allow the patient to undergo chiropractic care and physical therapy. Dr. Shoshany works with a pain management specialist, a physical therapist, and massage therapists, in house.  

Long term pain relief will come from long term care with a chiropractor or doctor who has your overall wellbeing in mind. An individualized approach to treating patients is where a chiropractor can be indispensable. A good chiropractor can help people who are suffering from back pain feel better. A great chiropractor can help almost anyone who is in pain, and can employ a vast variety of cutting edge treatments to find and fix the root of the problem. 


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