How Sciatica Can Affect New Yorkers

New York City is one of the busiest urban areas in the world; our non-stop lifestyle means it is easy to neglect taking care of our health.  When it comes to pain, many busy New Yorkers will choose the easy route to numb the pain by ingesting over-the-counter or prescription medication, or wait until the pain becomes unbearable to seek treatment.  This is, however, a very dangerous approach considering the serious possible side effects of prescription drugs and the fact that while they keep pain under control, they do not address the condition that is causing it.

Adults in NYC are prone to experiencing sciatica because they work long hours and take on many activities.  While those who engage in regular physical exercise are at a lower risk, those with desk jobs as well as jobs that involve heavy lifting and other taxing conditions exhibit the highest incidence of sciatica-related pain.  Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve (a large nerve that extends from the lower back down each leg) is irritated by excessive pressure caused by imbalances or subluxations in the lower back/hip area and the affected discs press on the sciatic nerve.  When the sciatic nerve is impinged or inflamed, it sends painful signals down the buttock and leg.  If not treated promptly, the condition will worsen and has the potential of causing severe pain that can render the patient immobile and cause irreversible nerve damage in the most extreme cases.  Our NYC physical rehabilitation and pain management facility has treated patients who have had to resort to using canes and wheelchairs in order to walk because of the great deal of pain they were experiencing due to sciatica.

The good news is sciatica is a common and treatable condition and its ensuing damage on surrounding soft tissue and nerves is usually reversible.  Our NYC facility offers the latest in non-surgical treatments for sciatica and provides customized treatment plans that ensure pain relief and long-term results in a short period of time and in the majority of cases without the additional aid of painkillers.  Our treatment protocols include a personalized combination of manual adjustments, spinal decompression, physical therapy, and can be enhanced with our available massage therapy and acupuncture treatments for relaxation and pain relief.  Every treatment regime begins with a consultation and evaluation with our doctors to determine the exact cause of pain.  Patients suffering from low-back, hip or leg pain are welcome to visit us for a consultation and a custom-tailored pain relief plan by our team of experts.


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