Chiropractic Care can be Key to a Comfortable Pregnancy

Over the years, I have helped expectant mothers in NYC to better enjoy their pregnancy and reap the benefits of chiropractic, a safe and natural approach to health maintenance, which is essential during the prenatal period, a time when the female body sustains added trauma and stress.

Without the use of drugs or surgery, adjustments performed by a chiropractor can provide relief to women enduring the pain and discomfort brought on by the physical modifications and compensations that occur during pregnancy.  A common ailment among pregnant women is pain in the lower back area, which may be caused by subluxations in the spine as the center of gravity shifts towards the front of the pelvis, increasing the back’s natural curvature and placing added pressure on spinal discs and joints.  This extra pressure can negatively affect the nervous system by compressing and irritating nerves, causing chronic pain that may worsen if left untreated.  With the use of non-invasive spinal decompression treatments, both manual and computer-assisted, my team and I are able to safely and effectively restore alignment and eliminate back pain that is common in expectant mothers.

Optimum health during pregnancy translates to a lower risk of delivery complications as well as increased comfort and ease during labor and delivery.  Through careful and thorough examination, which is safe for both mother and baby, we are able to detect and correct pelvic misalignments that may reduce the available space for the child to develop and move into the correct position for birth; in some cases if the baby is unable to reach the proper position, an emergency cesarean section is usually required.  Recent studies show that mothers who receive adjustments during pregnancy also experience decreased labor times; by up to 24% for first-time mothers and up to 39% for multiparous patients.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, which are safe, effective, and painless, our NYC physical therapy facility also offers customized physical therapy, prenatal massage therapy, and acupuncture treatments to ensure expectant mothers have a truly comfortable pregnancy and are prepared for birth.   Patients engage in custom-tailored safe exercises to prevent muscular injuries and are offered prenatal massages and acupuncture sessions for muscular relief.  Expectant mothers in NYC are welcome to contact me for a consultation via or 212-645-8151.


Massage works really well. At our St George UT chiropractic office, we have special tables with break-away abdominal pieces which accommodate for a growing bellies. Its really rewarding to hear a gal who is near 36 weeks along say "oh, it is so nice to lay on my stomach and stretch my back."

Thanks for the great article. I have a few pregnancy related blog posts on my site as well.
Suzy Frame said…
I never thought of a chiropractor being able to help you have a comfortable pregnancy, but after thinking about it, I'm sure that they can help a lot. Being pregnant can be very uncomfortable because of the pressure of the baby. I bet the chiropractor can really help relieve some of that! Thank you for sharing this and all the other information! I love reading it!
Sally Johnson said…
I have never thought of seeing a chiropractor while pregnant. This is definitely going to be a great tool for my next pregnancy. Great site and great posts.

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