Dealing With Chronic Joint Pain in NYC

The Dangers of Ignoring Chronic Knee and Shoulder Pain and Why Pills Are Not Always the Answer

Dr. Steven Shoshany, one of Manhattan’s top chiropractors and head of chiropractic at Living Well Medical, is pleased to offer a long-term solution to New Yorkers living with persistently troublesome knee and shoulder pain.  The City’s non-stop active lifestyle can easily take a toll on joint health.  Pain is a certain indicator of disruption of normal bodily functions; when the pain is long-lasting or incessant (even if it is not disabling), it is a sign of a more serious underlying problem, which can worsen and have dangerous repercussions if left untreated.

Many adults will turn to over-the-counter or prescription medications as a quick and easy way to manage their pain.  In the case of chronic discomfort, this is an extremely dangerous approach, as pain medications are not meant to treat health issues, but only numb the sensation of pain.  Untreated conditions will continue to progress and worsen even under the anesthetic effects of medication.  Additionally, long-term use of painkillers can result in severe complications such as liver failure, heart attack, stroke, blood clots, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, stomach ulcers, and death. 

"Prescription drugs are now the biggest cause of fatal drug overdoses" _USA Today

Knee pain can be an indicator of a serious issue, regardless of its severity.  Nerves that provide sensation to the knee also do the same for the hip, leg, and ankle, which is why knee pain can be caused by a problem in these areas, such as a pinched nerve, misalignment, or undiagnosed injury.  New Yorkers do a fair amount of walking, running, and standing in an average day, which is why keeping knees in optimal health is important, as they provide support to the entire body.

Shoulder pain burdens countless New Yorkers, particularly women on-the-go who resort to carrying large, heavy bags, placing excessive weight on their shoulders, which in turn causes painful injuries to the area.  Frequent trauma to the shoulder area can result in degenerative disc disease as it extends to the neck and spine, as well as disc herniation, spinal imbalances, painful pinched nerves and soft tissue damage.  If left untreated, chronic shoulder pain can have crippling effects on posture, mobility and normal bodily functions.

Along with Chiropractic treatment Dr. Shoshany also includes a biomechanics assessment to determine and correct the root cause of the pain, combined with a custom-designed physical therapy and rehabilitation program by an in house team of expert doctors to rectify the existing damage and prevent future injury.  Dr. Shoshany also offers knee braces, kinesio taping, and a wide range of additional tools to assist in prompt recovery and reduce or eliminate downtime. He is also a renowned expert in his field and is regularly invited to speak about his profession and how it can help a wide variety of painful conditions. He recently made his second appearance on the Dr. Oz show


tahera said…
This is a shocking post, as chronic knee and shoulder pain is something which people hardly give importance. Thank you for sharing this post. Great job. Spine Surgeons NJ
Jurmaine Health said…
You really made your blog a good source of learning. I'll be checking out for more updates. thanks a lot and a job well done for you! keep it up !!!

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David said…
My coral springs chiropractor follows the same "pills are bad for you" mentality and I agree with you both! Keep up the good work!

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