Chiropractic Awareness Month and Chiropractic's 116th Birthday

Yesterday September 18 marked the 116th anniversary of chiropractic. Since its founding in 1895 the hands on treatment method has helped millions of people world wide. Chiropractic is widely practiced the world over to treat misalignments in the body's physical structure. Its modern incarnation has become a much more highly advanced method of treatment thats the most popular choice for treating pain behind traditional medicine. While traditional treatment for common conditions like back pain, and sciatica may involve prescription drugs, and surgery, the non invasive procedures used by chiropractors usually do not require drug treatment, and often end up eliminating the need for surgical intervention.

To mark the anniversary Dr. Steven Shoshany is offering a complimentary consultation with a chiropractor at his Broadway office. Dr Shoshany is one of the leaders in modern chiropractic and has an array of non surgical treatment techniques available at his practice. He is also a certified Kinesio Taping expert, ART practitioner, and also provides Cold Laser Therapy, the Graston Technique, along with many other forms of soft tissue mobilization techniques. When these techniques are combined with physical therapy, and traditional medical care the results are unparalleled, and in most cases surgical intervention can be avoided.


this is very detailed and medically well explained.. This is good that Chiropractors were able to explain it in detail so that patients would understand and can rely the credibility of these health professional.
Chiropractor said…
Congratulations for the team of great health professionals like you.. May you continue to be of help!
G WIlson said…
One of the many reasons for the continued growth of Chiropractic Care among the medical field is due to the many benefits that can be received from it.

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