Recognizing Herniated Disc Symptoms

When people get back pain, it’s natural to speculate on what might be the cause. You start combing through the events of the last few days, wondering what you did that might have caused the problem. Was it that work in the yard? Did I tweak it at the gym? Or is it something else? Pain makes you look for reasons and solutions because of how quickly and totally it can take control of your life. I see how completely people’s lives are affected every day at Living Well Medical in Downtown NYC. And that’s why I like helping people - they can live normally again because of what we do. Call it a perk.

Among the common causes of back pain are disc problems like herniated discs. An MRI is the only surefire way to see that you do or don’t suffer from discogenic pain, but in general, there are signs that can point to nerve irregularities caused by a herniated (or bulging) disc. I’ll review a couple of the more common ones, but remember, reading about these symptoms is no substitute for visiting a doctor face to face.

1. Shooting/Burning Pain - Specifically, in the lower back, buttocks and legs. The burning and shooting is often evidence that a nerve has been impinged and compressed, resulting in irregular sensations due to inflammation.

2. Loss of Sensation/Numbness - As you know, nerves are responsible for gather data for the brain like sense-related information. When nerves are compressed, this data sometimes cannot effectively travel back to the brain to be perceived or is garbled. Pins and needles also goes along with this.

3. Muscle Wasting - This is usually a sign of significant nerve compression. If your muscles are atrophying and accompanying any of these other symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

That’s just the short list, but you get the idea - herniated disc means serious business.

At our office, we have been treating conditions like these the non-surgical way for years. Therapies like spinal decompression, Active Release Technique, the Graston Technique, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic all contribute to restoring your wellness. We make the treatment plan match the patient.

If you need help with back pain and think it might be related to a herniated disc, give Living Well a call today at 212-645-8151. We’re waiting to help you.

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor


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I think people generally understand how serious a herniated disk is even if they have never had one before. I can tell be the mortifying look I get when I diagnose one. But with proper treatment, of course, they will become healthy again.
Most common location for a herniated disc to occur is in the disc at the level between the fourth and fifth lumber vertebrae in the low back. This area is constantly absorbing the impact of bearing the weight of the upper body.

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