Active Release and Running Injuries

With the New York Marathon right around the corner, it often happens that I see a lot more running-related injuries - injuries are part of any sport that pushes a human body that hard. For that reason, during this time of year, I often bring up issues related to treating injuries or prevent them altogether. As far as treatment is concerned, the Active Release Technique is used by athletes is a number of endurance sports and sports in general, really.

For instance, a professional hockey player for the Dallas Stars, Brendan Morrow, has been known to use treatment with ART to work through and prevent further injuries on the ice. Even more well known is that each year during the Iron Man competition, a grueling triathlon that pushes the body to its absolute limit, ART practitioners are on hand to help the thousands of athletes who come to the tent. It’s a big part of keeping these triathletes in proper shape and free from serious injury.

As with most endurance sports, the injuries that go along with running are of the overuse variety. Adhesions of the soft tissue tend to develop in overuse injuries, and ART can both identify the problem area and treat in a single session. It’s a very versatile system that can sometimes show immediate improvements.

Common injuries that can be treated or resolved with Active Release Technique include the following:

- Achilles tendonitis
- Shin splints
- Ankle injuries
- Knee pain
- Hip pain
- Iliotibial band syndrome
- Chronic strain injuries
- General leg pain

There an overwhelming number of problems that can be addressed with Active Release. Of course, at Living Well Medical here in SoHo NYC, we have seen that combining different therapies can further improve outcomes for some patients; integrating the best and most current in technology and technique is part of what we do.

So get ready for the big race or simply be ready for your next run. Give us a call if you have pain at 212-645-8151 today if you need help stopping the pain.

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor

Here are some of the chiropractors from around the country that Living Well Medical endorses:

Dr. Eben Davis, San Francisco Chiropractor
Dr. Nona Djavid, Newport Beach Chiropractor
Dr. Ron Spallone, Denver Chiropractor
Dr. Bruce Bell, Chula Vista Chiropractor
Dr. Cathy Hunter, Simi Valley Chiropractor
Dr. Andrea Mills, Lancaster, CA Chiropractor
Dr. Matthew Rivera, San Carlos, CA Chiropractor
Dr. David Livingston, Delray Beach, FL Chiropractor
Dr. Adam Jacobs, Best San Francisco Chiropractor
Dr. Scott Waddell, Laguna Niguel Chiropractor


Dr. Eben Davis said…
We incorporate Active Release Technique (ART) into most of our treatment protocols at our San Francisco Chiropractic Center. Runners, professional althletes, and weekend warriors all love what ART does. I have noticed ART being performed on the sidelines of NFL games. It just makes sense.
Dr. Nona Djavid said…
Active Release Technique has empowered me as a chiropractor to help some of the most chronic and complicated cases. Specially those of sports injuries. Here in Newport Beach, with Spinal Decompression, Corrective Care therapy, we provide ART for an even more wholesome treatment!
I myself do not practice with ART, however when my patients return from an ART practitioner after my referral, I notice the following with their case management:
1. Improved mobility/less restriction.
2. Quicker recovery post race/workout.
3. Less injuries and micro traumas.
4. Improved race standings.
CaliChiro said…
Working the muscles and fascia just makes sense. If muscles are tight and firing inappropriately, they'll affect your adjustment and your patient.

An ART class is on my list of things to take!

~Dr. M
CaliChiro said…
Taking care of the muscles and fascia just makes sense.... otherwise they will continue to pull adjustments out and the patient will have recurring problems.

Great post, Doc!

~Dr. M
margo devine said…
I am looking forward to getting certified in ART. In the meantime, I am using Graston technique and extremity adjustments to treat repetitive stress injuries, with great success.
Anonymous said…
ART is truly one of the major essentials of the Healing Arts as a whole. So many musculoskeletal/musculoligamentous conditions respond to this technique. It is amazing. Keep up the great work Dr. Shoshany!

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