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As a chiropractor, I’ve been proud that I get to help people improve their lives every day. It’s something that chiropractors are trained to do. And we do it without the invasive treatments you come to expect with severe pain. No surgery, no long term painkiller regimens - we want you better using your body’s own innate power. That being said, there are certain qualities that separate a good chiropractor from an average one, and it’s important to note the differences so you can get the best care.

At Living Well Medical in NYC, we consider ourselves trailblazers, people who are making the lives of others better through hard work, innovation and adaptation in our practice. We also like to let the world know when we meet our kindred spirits in other states and cities. Keeping up with the latest in technology, applying multidisciplinary techniques for better treatment outcomes, and encouraging patient care through non-invasive methods as the primary goal is what makes us so successful, and we’ve met several other doctors and clinics around the country that share our dedication.

Here are some of the chiropractors from around the country that Living Well Medical endorses:

Dr. Eben Davis, San Francisco Chiropractor
Dr. Nona Djavid, Newport Beach Chiropractor
Dr. Ron Spallone, Denver Chiropractor
Dr. Bruce Bell, Chula Vista Chiropractor
Dr. Cathy Hunter, Simi Valley Chiropractor
Dr. Andrea Mills, Lancaster, CA Chiropractor
Dr. Matthew Rivera, San Carlos, CA Chiropractor
Dr. David Livingston, Delray Beach, FL Chiropractor
Dr. Adam Jacobs, Best San Francisco Chiropractor
Dr. Scott Waddell, Laguna Niguel Chiropractor


Dr. Eben Davis said…
Dr. are the benchmark for quality. You do not spare any expense, you put your heart and soul into what you do, and I am proud to be on your list. Dr. Davis
We all share a passion for helping people get out of pain and have a better quality of life. There is nothing like getting people better by helping their bodies heal themselves. All of us doctors on the list have this in mind, as well as always striving for the best in our results through new technologies and techniques. What a great list to be on, thanks, Dr. Hunter
Anonymous said…
Dr. Shoshany,

I am also proud to help patients get true health, without the dangers and side effects of drugs and invasive procedures. I'm honored to be affiliated with you, and am proud to share the information you so freely provide.

Thanks for all you do. This world needs it!

~Dr. M
Dr. Shoshany is a forward thinker and an asset to the healing art of Chiropractic.
Dr. Bruce Bell said…
Dr. Shoshany, Thank you for leading by example! Your efforts to provide quality, caring, comprehensive holistic healthcare and preventive wellness care should be the standard for healthcare in America. We are honored to be on your list and strive to provide the same type of care here in San Diego at:

Dr. Bruce Bell, D.C.
You are an inspiration. Great to be included in this prestigious list. said…
Dr. Shoshany, we are honored to be to added to your list of dedicated doctors. Your clinic serves as a benchmark of excellence for us all. Dr. Waddell
Dr. Nona Djavid said…
Thank you! I'm honored to be part of this forward thinking group of chiropractors.
Great job on the Dr. OX show. Keep pushing the envelope.

Dr. Ron Spallone, DC
Chiropractor is one of the most cost-effective health care provider. It really helps removing physical and emotional pain!

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