Cervical herniated disc causing arm pain and numbness in arms-treatment in NYC

Cervical herniated disc causing arm pain and numbness in arms-treatment in NYC

From time to time I like to put up patient testimonials that patients email to me.
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Recent patient testimonial
I had the amazing good fortune of finding Dr. Steve Shoshany through this website while in NYC. I was injured in a bad car accident 5 months prior to meeting with Dr. Shoshany. I was experiencing pain and stiffness in my neck and sharp, shooting, and throbbing pain and numbness in both arms and hands. I was diagnosed via MRI with a herniated cervical spine disk that was causing strain on the nerve roots that run down my arms. Dr. Steve acknowledged my problem right away. He was able to treat me immediately after my first consultation with him. His treatments included chiropractic spinal adjustments, the cervical spine decompression machine (3D Active Track) for 30 minutes, and then ice and electrostem. I saw Dr. Steve every day for 6 days and the pain relief was immediate. My pain was 70% less in just 6 days! Before seeing Dr. Steve, I spent 5 months in physical therapy and sought treatment with my usual chiropractor, acupuncturist, and an orthopedic acupuncturist. I was undergoing neck traction at my local physcial therapy center in Los Angeles, but it did not compare to the immediate results of the 3D Active Track. Dr. Steve gave me individual attention during each session. His on-staff physical therapists were very friendly and attentive. His practice offered all the latest technology machines. Dr. Steve was able to refer me to a chiropractic office in Los Angeles and even offered to speak to any doctors necessary who would then take up my care. I've been to several other chiropractic centers and no other practice compares!

Jess Carpenter
Los Angeles

If you are suffering with Chronic neck pain or know you have a herniated disc in your cervical spine consider Non-surgical spinal decompression, It is a safe and effective way to treat Cervical herniated or bulging discs.

If you are not sure what is going on, We have a facility that offers state of the art high speed digital x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound that can easily identify the source of your pain.
Neck pain treatment NYC


dr. eben davis said…
Dr. Shoshany. Your treatment is very comprehensive, and you take the time to learn the most advanced techniques. Keep up the good work.

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