Herniated disc NYC, New York City Herniated disc treatment, DRX 9000-Interview with Dr. Albrecht Heyer PHD-and Dr.Steven Shoshany

DR. ALBRECHT HEYER, PHD.,DSC interviews Dr. Steven Shoshany, DC,CCEP,CKTP on the benefits of spinal decompression to treat Chronic back pain,herniated disc and Sciatica. This video is from the "Heyer insights" originally aired on Manhattan,NYC Time Warner channel 35. I will be posting these videos on my Herniated disc page. This half hour video is very informative. Learn more about spinal decompression for herniated disc,Sciatica,leg pain by visiting my website www.drshoshany.com Dr. Heyer is a internationally recognized expert on health and healing and is in private practice in Manhattan. This interview allowed me the opportunity to discuss the different areas that our practice www.livingwellnewyork.com take in dealing with difficult to treat chronic back pain cases and herniated disc/sciatica conditions. Topics discussed include Sciatica/leg pain Disc herniation Chronic back pain orthotic fabrication Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Office ergonomics and methods to prevent back pain Chiropractic in NYC with Dr. Steven Shoshany call
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