Common ways New Yorkers hurt their back and ways to prevent them. Chiropractor NYC

In my 13 years of practicing Chiropractic in NYC I have noticed several common things that people do to injure their back and neck.

I will give the most common things that I see with patients from NYC and some simple solutions to prevent them.

1. Starting yoga and doing to much to quick, all to often I have patients that hurt themselves badly doing yoga. I recommend yoga but the problem is when a student moves to quickly and injure themselves. Take your time, warm up and progress slowly through levels.

2. Falling asleep on the sofa or sleeping in a friends pull out bed. I can always count on have new patients the day after a major holiday like Memorial day or Labor day.
If you sleep on one of those pullout beds take the mattress and put it on the floor and forget about sleeping on that god-awful frame! If you can try not to fall asleep on the sofa, over the years that has been a way so many patients have injured their neck and or low back.

3. Sex- A topic that isn't usually discussed is sexual positions and injuries.
Throughout my years as a practicing Chiropractor in NYC I have had both men and women admit to me that their back problems started from a "wild night"
Use common sense If you are not physically fit or have back problems use standard missionary position to decrease strain and sprain on low back, I can go on but will elaborate on this topic in another blog.

4. The gym and personal trainers- I have been working out for years and recently I have been working out with a trainer. I have watched trainers push clients to hard to quick and also have had plenty of patients come in with back pain caused by a gym injury or a personal trainer that has pushed them to quick.
The best advise I can give is to understand a neutral posture and when exercising breathe and maintain a neutral and stabilized posture.

5. Snow shuffling- I practice in NOHO which is in Manhattan not many patients have to shovel snow but if you do use common sense and take frequent breaks and bend those knees and use your legs not your back.

6. Walking in the snow and slush= slips and falls. It is snowing today in NYC and whenever it snows or gets icy people slip and fall. This is a frequent way to injure your back so be careful out there and wear boots with traction and slow down.

7. Computer neck- I see patients that come in with a stiff neck or a pinched nerve in the neck and when taking a history I find out that they stare a computer screen for 8+ hours a day! To prevent this problem take frequent screen breaks and stretch.

8. Popping your own neck or having a "friend" crack your back. In my years as a practicing Chiropractor in NYC I have patients come in that tell me how their family member or friend tried to fix their back and now they are stuck. Would you have a friend try to fix a cavity or check on your prostrate?
Of course not.
If you have back pain or are concerned about your posture and spinal health see a licensed and fully insured Chiropractor.

9. Traveling on a airplane or long car drive. I practice in Manhattan and I offer Emergency Chiropractic care and often have to come in on a Sunday for a traveler that is in severe pain. If you are traveling on a long flight be sure to have a pillow supporting your lumbar spine and walk around and stretch your legs. If you are in pain use Ice not heat to bring down inflammation.

10. Bending to pick up a pencil or lifting a child the wrong way.
All to often I have a patient "throw out their back" with something as trivial as picking up a pencil or lifting their child out of bed.
Most of the time this obscure movement is the straw that literally breaks the camel's back! Improper posture during lifting is such a common way to injure your back.
In our Manhattan Chiropractic, Physical therapy office we offer a back school that educates patients on proper bending lifting and movement techniques.
This class is a blend of Mckenzie protocol, Alexander technique and postural education. This class is offered to patients weekly and open to the general public.
To learn more about our Back school program visit website of Chiropractor NYC


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