Physical therapy NYC

Physical therapy Our Physical therapist has been a fantastic addition to out group practice in NOHO, NYC Chiropractic/Physical therapy/Medical practice . So many patient need the assistance of a Physical therapist to help Rehab them from injuries.
The combination approach of having several Professionals under one roof has been beneficial to our patient outcomes and convenient to patients.
The other day I ad a new Chiropractic patient come in from Paris, and he was shocked that a Medical doctor, Chiropractor, Physical therapist, Massage therapist and a Acupuncturist all worked together in one office and all agreed with treatment protocols.
He went on to state that in Paris the Acupuncturist and Chiropractor disagreed and the Physical therapist disagreed with both of them and that the MD said that just to rest and take pain pills. This is all very confusing to the patient.
When we put Living Well Medical NYC together I envisioned all the doctors working together and discussing patient care and deciding on what would give the patient the best treatment outcomes.


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