Spinal Decompression NYC for Herniated discs

I wanted to update the Blog on the status of one of our most recent "difficult back pain" patients.
For her protection I am using her first name.
Jenifer came to my NYC Chiropractic office last week fresh out of the hospital.
She voluntarily left the hospital because they recommended a back surgery after her CAT scan revealed multiple level disc herniations.
She stumbled into our office and we had to use a wheelchair to get her back into our office.
Once I had confirmation that she had a contained disc herniation we began treatment on the DRX 9000.
She has already had 6 treatments as of yesterday.
What a difference the spinal decompression has made in 6 visits.
She is now able to walk with the assistance of a cane and has had several nights of sleep.
This is huge for her, because she was facing a invasive back surgery and now she is on the road to recovery.
This week we are starting the Rehabilitation on the Spine Force.
I hope to have a video testimonial from her shortly, she is the reason I have spinal decompression in my Manhattan office, and the reason I got into Chiropractic in the first place.
To many patients are told surgery is the only way and are forced into something.
Surgery is not always the only solution to a painful herniated disc.
research on the benefits on Non Surgical spinal decompression click
When Chiropractic care is combined with Physical therapy and spinal decompression the results are amazing.


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