New York Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Center
I picked up a copy of AM paper the other day this is a daily paper that is given out for free in New York City. I noticed that three different Chiropractors where advertising spinal decompression treatments.
I realize that this is getting more and more popular, but what really struck me was that one of the Chiropractic clinics mentioned that 5 visits where free! This is a bait and switch technique and very wrong to do. I decided to contact the office,not only is this unethical i believe is illegal.
The type of equipment that these clinics use is very inexpensive tables like the Chattanooga traction table called the DTS or the Saunders lumbar decompression system.
My beef is that if you are going to be paying your hard earned money why not go with an expensive high quality table like the DRX 9000.
If a Chiropractor tells you his equipment doesn't matter and all decompression tables do the same thing run out of the office because that is completely false.
In my Manhattan Chiropractic clinic I utilize the DRX 9000 which in my opinion is the best and I utilize the Cox table and the Saunders 3D active trac.
I have been utilizing these treatments for 4 years now and most Manhattan chiropractors are just starting with this technique on inferior equipment and asking you to pay a premium or worse yet over billing your insurance!
If you have insurance like Cigna, Aetna and United my insurance department can verify what portion they will cover.
I have had patients that had only to pay co insurance and the insurance paid for remainder.
If i had a choice I would go with the best equipment, to say they all do the same thing is like saying that all cars drive the same! A BMW drives better then a Yugo.
Some of these tables that are being advertised as decompression are traction tables so buyer beware.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about true spinal decompression
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