New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan and the Power Plate

I recently added another fantastic piece of equipment to my practice.
The Power Plate is a Whole Body Vibration Platform that works on stimulating the patients nervous system, especially the cerebellum and reflexes. It works on postural muscles which ate basically the core muscle groups.

This is not a replacement to traditional exercises but for patients that do not have enough time to go to the gym or that are deconditioned it can provide a effective means of activating major muscle groups.

Patients that are suffering with disc herniations and disc bulges do fantastic with non surgical spinal decompression

I always want to increase my results and i believe that using whole body vibration will allow for faster healing and rehabilatation times for spinal corrections.

This is the finest Whole Body platform on the market today. If you are in NYC and have interest in Whole Body vibration call (212) 645-8151.


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