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DRX, DRX 9000

I received a email from a patient yesterday about the difference between the DTS treatment and the DRX 9000.
The first thing I said to him is look at the price of the tables The DTS is about $ 6,500 and the DRX is $100,000. The quality is not there in the DTS and is not as comfortable.
When I started in Spinal Decompression I started with a low priced table the 3D active trac, I got results but patients complained that it wasn't comfortable and it was difficult to harness patients into the table.
I purchased the DRX 9000 as my second table and it is so much easier to operate and most of my patients fall asleep during treatment, the pull is much more comfortable and the table features a trendelenburg tilting mechanism that has been great for patients that cant get up on their own.
I truly believe you have to invest in quality tools if you are going to provide quality care, you get what you pay for.
Whats even funnier to me is the Anatamotor tables that cost $5,000 is claiming to provide decompression.
True Spinal decompression requires a loarithmic curve and that requires computerized aide.

NYC Decompression is achieved by using a specific combination of spinal positioning and varying the degree and intensity of force. The key to producing this decompression is the gentle pull that is created by a logarithmic curve. When distractive forces are generated on a logarithmic curve the typical proprioceptor response is avoided. Avoiding this response allows decompression to occur at the targeted area.


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