New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
I can not believe the misinformation out there about spinal decompression.
Every Smuck Chiropractor out there is buying a table now expecting to get rich quick.
I did not get into Spinal Decompression to get rich, It was out genuine necesity. I had numerous patients with herniated discs and Sciatica that just didn't get better and people would leave and go get injections or worse have a surgery that did not work.
So I invested some serious dollars and mostly allot of time to really understand the treatment and the industry of Spinal decompression. Lets start with the big boys Axiom the manufacture of The DRX 9000, They claim superiority and battle with Vax-d and Spine Med and all the other players like Accu-Spina And the Lordex table, In Manhattan there are several doctors utulizing difefrent tables.
I have worked with every table out there and I tell my collegues in the market shopping for a table that I really doesn't matter and I tell patients that most of the stuff they read is Fluff.
The FDA classifies all the tables the same. Visit my website at and read more.
If you are in Manhattan and are considering Spinal Decompression be aware of the doctors intentions , I only treat people I know will respond.


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