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Spinal Decompression is the hottest treatment right now. I want to clear up a couple of things right away. Some Chiropractors around the country and right here in New York are claiming that this was a NASA discovered technology and it is the eight wonder of the world. I find this very decepitive and also insulting to prospective clients intelligence. First let me clear up the idea that NASA discovered this, NASA did not discover spinal decompression technolgy nor do they endorse the use of name. When astoutrants returned from space travel there disc spaces where increased. But think about it why would they let someone into the space program with back pain? What was discovered was that astronauts lost muscle mass too.
Disc Decompression is not a table, DRX 9000 does not hold any patent to the technique despite the fancy marketing that states they offer "true spinal decompression". It is a procedure that works be creating a negative pressure in the disc space and allow the tissue to heal.
Before going with a doctor and spending your hard earned money make sure that what you are paying for is not his or her overpriced machine payment.
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