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Ok I have to talk a bit about all the Ads that i see in the papers lately about spinal decompression. Allot of doctors that market this therapy are marketing it as a pancea and an alternative to surgery, Some of these doctors ( I am not naming them) are claiming that astrounauts stop having pain after space travel and NASA endorses this therapy. This is all phony marketing tactics, I do not want to insult the intelligence of any potential patients, and I realize people do their homework especially when shelling out $3,500 for treatment. First of all they (NASA) would never let a astrounaut into the space program (think about that!) with back pain, so those claims are totally false. It is true that a negative atomposhere will increase disc height. I use decompression therapy everday in my practice and established the premire group of physcians dedicated to Spinal decompression in the New York metropolitian area, but I want to use ethics and facts not deception and cheesy marketing tatics. Spinal Decompression therapy is an amazing alernative to surgery and has helped many patients regain there life. If you are interested in true spinal decompression please consider our group at


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