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America's #1 Choice For Healthcare is Chiropractic - From Yahoo News comes an article titled, "Patient Empowerment Drives Healthcare Changes."

According to the article, "the patient empowerment movement" is changing healthcare and its effects are being felt nationwide.
The article points out that when there is a "4% unemployment economy" and employees are not happy with the healthcare options given by their employers, the employer had better pay attention.
The article suggests that employers give money directly to the employee to allow them the freedom to choose their own healthcare providers and insurance.
According to the article, Dr. David M. Eisenberg, director for alternative medicine research and education at Harvard Medical Center stated that,"In 1997, Americans spent more than $30 billion on alternative therapies like chiropractic, herb supplements, massage and acupuncture--most of it out of pocket."
Dr. Eisenberg further stated that, "Each year, patients make nearly 200 million more visits to complementary providers than primary care physicians in the US" according to the article.
It is important to note that of those 200 million more visits, the majority were made to chiropractic offices making chiropractic the #1 choice for healthcare in the US.
Chiropractors have been educating the public for years and have created more "patient empowerment" than any other healthcare profession in the world.
Through chiropractic, the world has learned that the kingdom of health lies within. Just yesterday, a person (non DC) at a business gathering told me they had just been to their chiropractor that day. The person then said to me, "isn't innate intelligence great?" Yes it is I commented, yes it is.
Yahoo News: Patient Empowerment Drives Healthcare Changes
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