New York Chiropractor
Being a New York City Chiropractor I see many interesting patients.
I had this one patient come in yesterday on crutches in so much pain he was in tears, He was covered in tattoos and piercing but this episode was worse than any pain he has ever experienced. I did a complete history and it turns out that he has a history of lower back pain and the most recent episode was spawned from a fall. It has been two weeks since his fall and he has been putting a heating pad on every night and taking his friends muscle relaxers and borrowed another friends crutches hoping he would get better! I find this crazy, but every day I am blown away how people do not care about there body or wait till it is almost too late. So I did a very simple Category three blocking technique to remove nerve pressure and gentle distraction to the disc. After a twenty minute session he didn't need his crutches to walk but was still in pain. I have him on ice every twenty minutes and having coming in today. The lesson learned here is after a injury use Ice not heat, do not borrow your friends medication they where written for him not you! And most of important visit your Chiropractor right away don't wait till you cant walk because nerve pressure is not a good thing.
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