Sunday, October 29, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
I have been asked to compare the diffrences between the Vax-D and DRX 9000.
I use the DRX 9000 and I have worked with the Vax-D table but am partial to the DRX 9000 because I beleive it is more advanced and offers the patient more options and comfort.
The DRX 9000 allows the patient is very antalgic (severe pain and stopped) to go from standing to laying on there back automatically.
The DRX 9000 also is much more comfortable.
If you choosing between the two machines which I feel are the only true spinal decompression machines I recommend taking a "test drive" on both and choose the one that is more comfortable.
If you have a herniataed disc or sciatca I recommend first getting an MRI and then consult with a spinal decompression specialist in your area.
There are many different types of spinal decompression machines on the market today and many more to come since this market is expanding.
I prefer to stick to the leaders and prefer to use tables that have a clincial track record.
If you are in Manhattan or live near Manhattan and suffer with a herniated or bulging disc please consider a consult visit

Friday, October 27, 2006

New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000
DRX 9000 Manhattan
AS we approach the Colder months more and more people feel pain associated with herniated discs like sciatica. If you feel that you have a herniated disc I highly recommend a consult with a doctor that specializes in Non Surgical spinal decompression, utulizing the DRX 9000 unit.
This specific unit is the "Mercedes or Rolex" of all spinal decompression units on the market.
I offer spinal decompression on other tables and for the rest of the year I am offering a special, 30% off the normal cost of treatment. Please be sure to mention the code "Blogger" when making an appointment for a Consult.
Please visit or call 212 645-8151 to schedule a complementary consult.
If you would like to fax your MRI report for a review fax it to 603 584-5825
Spinal Decompression not only elimanates pain but it also corrects the casue of the problem.If you reside in Manhattan or are near NYC and are suffering with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, or have been told you have a herniated disc,protuded disc,degenerativc disc disease, posterior facet syndrome you will respond to treatment on the DRX 9000. for more information.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000
I just got my delivery of my second Spinal Decompression unit.
For mty second table I got the DRX 9000 unit made by axiom worldwide. I may be the fourth DRX 9000 unit in Manhatttan. This thing is huge and I am blwon away by the size. Throughoutthe blog I was fairly critical of the unit but after having one installed abd seeing the insides You can't compare this unit to any other lumbar spinal decompression unit.
It's kinda of like a Rolex watch, sure a timex tells the time but a Rolex is a Rolex, it is time tested and has tremoundous brand awareness.
For the remainder of October I am offering Spinal Decompression on the exclusive DRX 9000 for $ 3,000 for the protocol the normal price is $3,500. Please mention Blogger when making appointment. Please call 212 645 8151 to schedule a consult or if you just want to see the DRX 9000 and compare it to others models out.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DRX 9000 Manhattan,New York Chiropractor
DRX 9000
I just ordered my second spinal decompression unit. I ordered the DRX 9000 unit. I believe I am one of only a few doctors in Manhattan that have this machine. the DRX 9000 is the top of the line spinal decompression machine, More doctors own a DRX 9000 than any other machine.
There are other units out on the market but the DRX 9000 is top of the line.
Will other units do the same thing? Can you compare the Lordex system to the DRX 9000?
I get these questions everyday from both Chiropractors and patients.
I like to use the analogy of a car, If you buy a geo prism it can get you from point A to B but if you have a Mercedes or a BMW it is a better ride and defintleyt more comfortable.
I have used most systems in my office and offices that I consult with and I can say that the DRX 9000 is by far the most comfortable and the most technologicallly advanced system out on the market today.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
I just recently purchased a new Spinal Decompression machine. I bought the DRX 9000 Lumbar unit. This is the second Spinal Decompression Machine and I Expect delivery in the next week or two, navigating Downtown Manhattan will be a challenge for the driver.
My patients have seen excellent results with the current unit I use, but I decided on stepping up to the plate and buying the top off the line table and dealing with the best table out today.
If you are in Manhattan and are shopping around for spinal decompression treatment for herniated or bulging discs visit or call 212 645 8151.